CBD Lemonade a new trend in Wichita Kansas?

CBD Lemonade a new trend in Wichita Kansas?
Authored By Kristine Gonzales
Kansas legislature last week ruled that CBD, a compound found in cannabis, is okay as long as it lacks the THC compound that gets people high. Wichita and a few other cities in Kansas have seen more and more retail locations selling CBD products. One juice company in particular claims that their CBD is in such high demand they run out every other day.

Songbird Juice Company in Wichita run by Diana Castre and Cody Schmidt say "it's really good, I'm in support of it if it helps people why not allow it.”

Marty Spence, the owner of Songbird Juice Company, says their CBD lemonades are in such high demand it's almost more than they can handle. This business is all thanks to the lawmakers who are approving cannabinol, or CBD.

"I'm ecstatic, I think that it is long time coming, certainly I thought it would take longer, I think a lot of us did,” said Spence.

Many people swear that health benefits from CBD, but it has yet to become FDA approved.

"We never can claim any kind of medicinal benefit, but some of the reports we receive from customers, everything from I sleep better at night, I have a little less anxiety."

The biggest question that is asked most often about CBD products is: can you consume and still pass a drug test? If CBD products are properly tested and made it should contain no THC and it won't show up as marijuana.

"We send that back to a lab, make sure it comes back 0 percent, we have those lab tests always available, so it's completely safe, you're not going to fail a drug test," said Spence.

It's a positive trend that people and even pets can benefit from.

"My mom has actually gotten into getting CBD for her dogs, she's got a dog that has bad anxiety so she gives it CBD treats and stuff and seems to be working,” said Chris Miller of Maize.

The CBD Kansas legislature has passed and the governor has until May 14th to sign or veto. However, those in Kansas who are benefiting from CBD are optimistic that it will be, and it will still pass even if he does not.


Thank you KWCH12 for covering the story and Songbird Juice Company in Wichita for making it easier for those to Switch 2 CBD. 

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